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Brooklyn is Still the Amazon Seller Capital

Most Amazon sellers are based in Brooklyn. The city has double the number of sellers as the second most common city, New York. Brooklyn is home to 4% of the active Amazon sellers in the U.S. New York is next with 2%. Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas follow it. The order of the top

5 Automation Tools to grow your eCommerce Business

In one day, a small eCommerce business might post twice on four different social media platforms, field 25 different customer service inquiries and publish three pages of new sales content including promotions. Of course, this doesn’t include the tasks associated with payment, shipping and stock. In fact, running an online store involves many processes, which

Business Broker Announces the Sale of Shark Tank’s Beard King Sells Businesses that are focused on the Internet and Technology, the world’s largest Business Broker focused in the SMB & Lower Middle Market for Technology and Internet Brands, announces the sale of Beard King, a brand that became famous after being focused on Shark Tank. The acquisition was completed by and purchased from Viraj Patel,