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Timing The Market Is No Longer Important

“When is the best time to sell? Has the market reached its peak or will valuations keep rising? Maybe I should hold on and sell after the holidays?” These are questions our clients grappled with last year. With valuations rising, the concern was potentially selling too early and leaving money on the table. Everyone knew

Cincy Brands Acquires Vitabox to Scale Operations and Reach More Consumers

Cincy Brands, a technology-driven consumer products company that acquires and accelerates better-for-you brands, today announced the acquisition of Vitabox, an online seller of over 70,000 everyday essential products. This is the first acquisition for the company since launching in February of this year and is a pivotal addition to its emerging portfolio. The world-class team, marketplace

Amazon Aggregator Society Brands Acquires Brand Management Agency OmniiX to Accelerate Rapid Growth of Acquired Companies

Society Brands, an Amazon aggregator built for and by founders, today announced its strategic acquisition of OmniiX, a leading Amazon brand management agency with a track record of growing brands at nearly 40% annually. OmniiX founders John W. Collins and Stormey Collins have joined the Society Brands executive leadership team as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief of Staff, respectively, charged