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Business Broker Announces the Sale of Shark Tank’s Beard King Sells Businesses that are focused on the Internet and Technology, the world’s largest Business Broker focused in the SMB & Lower Middle Market for Technology and Internet Brands, announces the sale of Beard King, a brand that became famous after being focused on Shark Tank. The acquisition was completed by and purchased from Viraj Patel,

Thrasio Announces CEO Transition to Drive the Next Phase of Growth

Former Amazon and Airbnb Executive Greg Greeley to Become Thrasio CEO Co-Founder and CEO Carlos Cashman to Focus on Role as Board Member. Thrasio Holdings, Inc. the next-generation global consumer goods company, today announced that Greg Greeley has joined its Board of Directors and will become the company’s next Chief Executive Officer in August 2022. Greg will succeed

Walmart Opens Third-Party Seller Floodgates

A lot more sellers are joining the Walmart marketplace after Walmart relaxed its strict approval requirements. Sellers interested in joining the Walmart marketplace previously required Walmart’s approval. The button to start the application was even titled “Request to sell.” Last week, Walmart replaced it with a more welcoming “Join Marketplace” and streamlined the registration form.
DTC Brands in 2022

6 Growth Strategies for DTC Brands in 2022

While DTC businesses continue to proliferate online and grab more market share, their continued growth is hindered by significant challenges and industry disruptions. With strategic know-how and a proactive growth model, DTC brands can overcome these challenges and reach their potential in 2022 and beyond.