Brooklyn is Still the Amazon Seller Capital

Most Amazon sellers are based in Brooklyn. The city has double the number of sellers as the second most common city, New York.

Brooklyn is home to 4% of the active Amazon sellers in the U.S. New York is next with 2%. Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas follow it. The order of the top five has varied over the years, but it has always been the same five cities. And Brooklyn was always at the top.

There are more than 70,000 American sellers with $100,000 in sales. Ten percent of the 70,000 are in Brooklyn, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, or Las Vegas.

City% of US sellers
Brooklyn, NY4.1%
New York, NY2.0%
Los Angeles, CA1.4%
Miami, FL1.4%
Las Vegas, NV1.0%
Houston, TX1.0%
Wilmington, DE0.9%
Austin, TX0.8%
Lakewood, NJ0.8%
San Diego, CA0.7%
Irvine, CA0.7%
Chicago, IL0.7%
Orlando, FL0.6%
City of Industry, CA0.6%
Ontario, CA0.6%
Dallas, TX0.5%
Seattle, WA0.5%
Walnut, CA0.4%
San Francisco, CA0.4%
Phoenix, AZ0.4%

However, practically none of the sellers are shipping goods out of their business location because most Amazon sellers use FBA for fulfillment. Thus the office location is only significant as the place most employees are working from. According to Amazon, third-party sellers employ roughly two million people in the U.S., so the local economic impact is substantial.

Top cities also highlight how access to ports and seller communities have created seller hotspots. While FBA disintermediates sellers from the physical location of their goods, allowing sellers to do business from anywhere, most are still coming from the same places. Five years ago, the top five cities were 10% of all sellers; today, it stands the same.

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