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Meny Hoffman

5 Automation Tools to grow your eCommerce Business

In one day, a small eCommerce business might post twice on four different social media platforms, field 25 different customer service inquiries and publish three pages of new sales content including promotions. Of course, this doesn’t include the tasks associated with payment, shipping and stock. In fact, running an online store involves many processes, which

5 Tips to Improve your eCommerce Conversion rates in 2022

As the eCommerce industry continues to grow, sellers are ironically struggling more than ever to optimize their conversion rates. 

Increased competition coupled with a rise in advertising costs has roadblocked many eCommerce businesses. Not to mention that online shoppers are a demanding bunch. They’ll only buy from sellers they trust, and they’re always looking for the best deals. Can you blame them?

Here are 5 tips to optimize your conversion rates without increasing your ad spend or risking customer attrition.

Email Marketing for Amazon SMBs: A Short Guide

You have a thriving Amazon eCommerce business. A solid website. A growing customer base. And perhaps most importantly, an email subscriber list. Now what? It’s time to market your online wares using email marketing strategies. And if you think email marketing for Amazon SMBs is dead, you’re wrong. Driving an ROI of $36 for every