Amazon Aggregator Society Brands Acquires Brand Management Agency OmniiX to Accelerate Rapid Growth of Acquired Companies

Society Brands, an Amazon aggregator built for and by founders, today announced its strategic acquisition of OmniiX, a leading Amazon brand management agency with a track record of growing brands at nearly 40% annually. OmniiX founders John W. Collins and Stormey Collins have joined the Society Brands executive leadership team as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief of Staff, respectively, charged with leading the growth of acquired companies.

Acquiring a proven Amazon brand management agency is one of the biggest wins we’ve had as an organization to date and sets our platform up for long-term success,” said Michael Sirpilla, CEO of Society Brands. “OmniiX has demonstrated the ability to manage a large block of business at scale. Many Amazon aggregators struggle to scale brands post-acquisition, but with the OmniiX platform a part of Society Brands, the company is uniquely positioned to quickly grow our acquired brands.”

OmniiX has serviced hundreds of consumer product companies selling their products on Amazon, managing over $500MM of revenue for their clients. The OmniiX team’s deep understanding on how to organically grow businesses on Amazon provides a unique opportunity for Society Brands to scale future acquired companies at a rapid pace.

“In my twelve years as an Amazon seller and then as an Amazon agency owner with an absolutely phenomenal team, I’ve seen firsthand the power of winning combinations and how that benefits not just a brand, but everyone involved,” said John W. Collins, OmniiX Founder and Society Brands Chief Marketing Officer. “As a former Amazon seller, the founder-first mission of Society Brands deeply resonates with me. I see that mindset really coming to life in our conversations with the founders.”

“The collective experience the Society Brands team brings across Amazon performance, retail success, M&A leadership and people development is a recipe for monumental growth. I couldn’t be prouder and more excited to focus the team’s effort exclusively on the growth and success of our acquisitions at Society Brands…a new society is coming!” concluded Collins.

Another pivotal piece of making this acquisition worthwhile is the continued involvement of two of OmniiX’s founders. “We are thrilled to welcome them as members of our executive leadership team and are confident that the same success OmniiX has had for its clients will continue with the growth of Society Brands acquired companies,” said Sirpilla.

Since its launch in October 2020, Society Brands has raised $205M in total capital, making it one of the best-funded Amazon aggregators in the world. Society Brands has a unique business model and deal structure that creates alignment with founders while truly enabling them to take their brand to new heights by sharing best practices and resources. Society Brands acquires e-commerce consumer products companies and encourages the founders to stay on board to be part of the team. These founders join “the society” as a Brand President and get access to shared resources that can scale the business to new heights. It’s their desire to build a community and ecosystem of like-minded entrepreneurs that have the skill and energy to grow with their brand. Not only will founders elevate to the next level professionally, but they will also develop relationships that will last a lifetime.

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