Thrasio Rebranded: Creating accessibility for the world’s most loved products

This is some very exciting news. Carlos Cashman, CEO of Thrasio, announces company rebrand and site redesign and vision for the future of consumer goods and retail.

Just four years ago in early 2018, Thrasio had no investors, they hadn’t even formed the company. Without knowing much about the Amazon universe, and months away from having a website, they had one simple idea: what if they could buy a bunch of small eCommerce companies, put them together, and create more value as an aggregated whole?

Seemed like it had some potential. Eh, just a little potential, right?

Three and a half years later, Thrasio is by any business measure a success. They’ve created a full-on aggregator industry for eCommerce brands, and they’ve empowered over one hundred millionaire entrepreneurs by buying their businesses. With billions in investment, more than 200 brands, tens of thousands of products, and a lot of happy employees, things at Thrasio are exploding, in the best way possible.

You don’t go launching a new brand without wrestling with your own identity first. And we wrestled. A lot. 

Carlos Cashman, CEO of Thrasio

They are a fast-moving, multicategory consumer products company that believes they’re redefining the consumer goods industry for the future. Their new mission puts purpose to everything that they pursue and the decisions they make: “Reimagine how the world’s most loved products become accessible to everyone.”

Learn more about Thrasio’s new brand and mission from Carlos himself, as he dissects the above mission statement, and all that it means to Thrasio’s future success.

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