London-based Amazon Aggregator Olsam Group has acquired US-based Marketfleet

Olsam Group is at the forefront of the consolidation of the aggregator category. The London-based company acquired its current Aggregator in the US, Marketfleet with its 11 product-targeted brands.

The recent years have seen Amazon’s aggregators compete to buy the most sensible acting brands on the site to improve their marketing, packaging, and positioning. And now, they are competing to buy up each other.  

In 2021, the aggregation of aggregators raised more than $12 billion in investments but faces headwinds in 2022. Thrasio acquired Lifelong Online, an Indian consumer-brands company in January while Moonshot Brands picked up brands from distressed aggregators. When Olsam bought Flywheel in December, it gave rise to the trends of aggregators acquiring aggregators. However, the company says its expansion plans are not only based on buying up and incorporating other aggregators.

Sam Hörbye, Olsam’s co-founder says that acquisition is a channel the company will always pursue. However, the focus is to partner with the best brands and expand the reach of every brand to get beloved products into the hands of more consumers. Olsam’s strategy with each brand is 100% growth in new products, channels, or geographies.

With the acquisition of Marketfleet, Olsam now has a strong foothold in the outdoor category. Marketfeelt products, including kayaks, bodyboards, and paddleboards provide the company with a specialization in the lucrative outdoor segment.

Verified Market Research projects the US market for outdoor-recreation products to grow from $108 million in 2020 to $178 billion by 2028. Recently, Olsam purchased Colapz, a UK brand selling collapsible camping and outdoor gear, which gives a strong foothold in the category.

According to Hörbye. Olsam’s product range is renowned for a positive environmental impact that will be boasted with the addition of Marketfleet and Colapz. In addition, the acquisition of teams behind the Marketfleet and Colapz brands brings an addition of Amazon expertise. With a workforce of 70 employees, Olsam has an advantage as an aggregator to acquire other aggregators instead of buying stand-alone Amazon brands.

Amazon brands have the potential to grow to a multimillion-dollar scale with one or two people behind them, making them valuable for acquisition without having to add more personnel to the aggregator’s team. The acquisition of Marketfleet was partly to help in building Olsam’s internal capabilities. With this addition, Olsam can deepen its operational capacity by gaining access to more expertise in product design, sourcing, analytics, and Amazon fulfillment.

When Olsam acquired Colapz, it folded Colapz’s product designers into its team. With the new Marketfleet acquisition, Olsam will only enhance its skillset portfolio even as Marketfleet’s founder, Chris Friedland leaves to pursue other ventures.

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