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eCommerce roll up, Opontia, shapes the aggregator space into new a dimension

We’re back with some of the newest funds raised in the Amazon aggregator space this week. We want you to know about another important deal that is shaping the aggregator space: Opontia.

eCommerce roll-up play Opontia launched in June 2021, raising $20 million in debt and equity to acquire older, small e-commerce brands in the Middle East and Africa. Today, the company confirmed to TechCrunch that it has closed a subsequent round, a $42 million Series A nine months after it was founded.

Yes, you read correctly– $42 million, 9 months after it was founded. Congrats to Philip Johnston, CFA, and the entire Opontia team!

So our acquisitions are now like 50% marketplace, but 50% marketplace and Shopify. What we’re doign is like really building a setup where you can serve all of the customers directly, not only in the Amazon marketplace.

Manfred Meyer, co-founder and co-CEO

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