Tapuya Brands Has Been Acquired by Pilot Wave Holdings in Latest Bid to Transform Amazon Products into Brands Through Technology

Pilot Wave Holdings, the world’s leading technology-focused acquisition and growth firm, has acquired Tapuya Brands, a data-driven acquisition company focused on Amazon businesses, for an undisclosed amount.

“We are extremely excited to partner with the exceptional management team at Tapuya Brands,” said Afsheen Afshar, Founder and Managing Partner at Pilot Wave Holdings Management. “Tapuya has clearly differentiated itself amongst its peers as a rapidly-growing, forward-thinking cultivator of modern e-commerce brands.”

“We’re thrilled to connect the highest level of data-driven business management at Pilot Wave with the Tapuya Brands team and the Amazon entrepreneurs we partner with,” said Isaac Linson, Co-Founder and CEO of Tapuya Brands.

“With a uniformed approach in technology management and capital allocation across our businesses, we get to deliver higher returns to our Amazon selling partners.”

Tapuya Brands, is one of the newest acquirers of Shopify & Amazon third-party private label businesses in the ever-growing Amazon FBA aggregator market. In a space with many recent entrants, Tapuya differentiates itself by focusing on strategic acquisitions of Amazon brands with a strong presence on the Amazon platform, but little or no direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales. It uses its own proprietary technology to create consumer-centric brands with increased value in brand equity.

Tapuya Brands focuses on consumer shopping behavior and Amazon sellers who have a direct relationship with their customer base. “Using our proprietary AI systems to deliver bespoke customer segmentation and targeting, Tapuya drives higher brand equity, cross-channel penetration, and ad performance for the businesses we choose to partner with,” said Arik Oganesian, Co-Founder and CDO of Tapuya Brands.

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