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Ecommerce Brands Announces a $40 Million Investment

Ecommerce Brands is one of the newest consumer brand aggregators to emerge in a crowded space and aims to integrate with to support the backend needs of brands as they scale. Today, it announced a $40 million investment, with $10 million in equity led by Bearing Ventures, and $30 million in debt.

Based in Atlanta, the company officially kicked off in September 2021, by founder and CEO Mark Bickenbach. Mark previously served as a business unit president of The Home Depot and CFO of its website, and board chairman Jim Jacobsen, former CEO of RTIC Outdoors and co-founder of

Bickenbach told TechCrunch that Ecommerce Brands plans to acquire direct-to-consumer brands, integrate them on and grow them in revenue and profitability, something that previously would have only been done on marketplaces.

Direct-to-consumer brands are limited in a number of ways, including scaling their operations and technology.

Mark Bickenbach, CEO Eccomerce Brands

Mark Bickenbach, founder and CEO of Ecommerce Brands.

Check out what they look out for in eCommerce brands, and what it takes to get involved:

-Single-channel brands looking to expand into many other channels

-Brands with a winning product portfolio with clear competitive advantages

-Brands serving broad markets in large, growing industry categories

-Brands that are beyond their startup phase and are actively growing

-Founders are ready to take the great business they’ve built to the next level

Think you’ve got what it takes? Reach out to schedule a strategy call.

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