Optimize Your Amazon Listing For the Best Results with Robyn Johnson

Are you looking for an effective way to maximize and optimize your listings on Amazon?

In this week’s episode, the CEO of Marketplace Blueprint, Robyn Johnson shares the meaning of successful optimization on Amazon and how you can take action when your listing goes down in ranking. She also discloses how to go about product development and what’s changed in selling on Amazon in the last couple of years. Pay close attention to Robyn’s insights about the opportunities Amazon has for those who want to launch new brands. Listen and enjoy!

Robyn has been heralded as one of the country’s foremost leaders on the topic of selling and marketing products on Amazon.com.  She has been a guest on shows like Entrepreneur on Fire, Confessions of A Marketer, and is a SEMrush Academy professor. Robyn is the co-founder of Marketplace Blueprint, a digital agency that specializes in listing optimization and advertising on Amazon.  She has over a decade of experience selling online on Amazon, eBay, and other eCommerce venues. 

[00:01 – 08:09] Being An Accidental Entrepreneur

  • Robyn’s experience in the Amazon Space
    • Moving from retail arbitrage to wholesale
    • Maximizing the potential and money vs turning around money without any profit
      • Cash flow, advertising, and the product are key
  • Why Amazon is still an amazing opportunity
  • What Amazon really wants is a better customer experience

[08:10 – 18:14] Product Development and Listing Optimization

  • How sellers were approaching product development 36 months ago
  • What the focus for sellers should be now
    • How your product is going to solve a need or fix a problem
    • How your product is going to make the customer’s life better
  •  What makes a great optimized listing
  • How to make sure you are speaking to the audience and the algorithm

[18:15 – 31:13] The Lifetime Value of Your Customers

  • What sellers can do if they have great products, but they’re losing rank
    • Look at what has changed in the competitive landscape
      • Get conversions on keywords that are highly relevant
  • Where the ad spend should go
    • Start with sponsored products
    • Allocate 10% of your budget to testing new keywords, targeting types, and ad products
  • The categories where there are more needs for new brands
  • Robyn’s outlook on launching products outside of Amazon 
    •  Other marketplaces don’t get the same traffic as Amazon does

[31:14 – 35:35] Closing Segment

  • Robyn on the four rapid-fire questions
  • Book a strategy session, drop your questions and comments on https://letstalkexits.com  

Key Quotes: 

“Make sure you’re really clear on what it is that’s really going to motivate your customer.  –  Robyn Johnson

“Not the same strategy works for everybody.” – Robyn Johnson

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