Getting Your Brand the Attention it Deserves with Manuel Suárez

What if you could actually create a content machine outside of Amazon that will bring you traffic all day long? Aside from a great strategy to capture attention, content is something to immortalize who you are on planet earth.

In this episode, Manuel Suárez digs dive into how content creation outside of Amazon can be used to create a legacy and leave something behind that will last much longer than any business. He points out how wide to go with different media platforms, how to develop proper content, and how to narrow your focus to ensure that you’re serving a certain customer base. Tune in to learn the secrets behind building an e-commerce or Amazon brand that will stand the test of time. Listen and enjoy!

Manuel Suarez is the founder and CEO of Attention Grabbing Media. A two-time Inc 5000 award-winning digital marketing agency in Largo, FL. He is also the co-founder of NaturalSlim USA. An e-commerce brand that provides supplements and education on metabolism, weight loss, and health to the Latin American community.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 14:48] From Bankruptcy to Building a Successful E-Commerce Brand

• Manuel’s journey in the eCommerce space

  • Founder and CEO of Attention Grabbing Media and co-founder of Natural Slims USA

• How Manuel found success building and exiting an Amazon private-label

• How to create a content machine outside of Amazon to bring traffic all day long

  • The incredible journey of Natural Slim and the power of visionary entrepreneurship

[14:49 – 30:06] Building a Legacy Through Content Strategy

• How to create quality content and capture the attention

  • Why content strategy is a way to build a legacy
  • Actionable tips for implementation of content strategy

• Navigating the balance between quantity and quality for brand building

  • It is important to have consistency in your content, but also ensure it is of good quality

• Why building a brand on social media without a personal brand is difficult

[30:07 – 52:20] Commitment, Quality, and Quantity:

• The keys to building an attention-grabbing content strategy

  • Commitment, quality, and quantity

• How to leverage opportunities given by technology to reach the world

• Why hiring people remotely is an underutilized opportunity in today’s environment

  • People in other parts of the world are educated to work with companies in the US

• Amazon is still a great starting point for brands

[52:21 – 59:50] Wrapping Up!

• How his commitment to impacting people led him to success

• Manuel on the rapid four questions

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Key Quotes:

“You’re a hundred percent made by the value that you’ve gotten from other people.” – Manuel Suárez

“A faceless brand cannot impact today at the scale that a personal brand can impact or at the speed that a personal brand can impact.” – Manuel Suárez

“Resources are available, but they’re limited only to those people that decide to look for opportunities.” – Manuel Suárez

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