The Amazing Affects of Prioritizing Eco-Friendly Packaging with Robin Bade

What’s at the top of mind in your business– perspective or profit?

In this week’s episode, Robin Bade, the CEO, and Co-founder of eBrands Global, shares his journey as a digital agency owner and how he ended up selling his business to the WPP Group. He explains how he took his passion for the environment as the mission with his new company where they focus on brands that are eco-friendly.  Most importantly he breaks down why building a culture of excellence is essential and provides great advice on what sellers should ask a potential buyer when they’re interviewing for a potential exit. Listen and enjoy!

Robin Bade is an entrepreneur and active investor with a growth mindset. He founded eBrands in 2020 buying Amazon FBA businesses worldwide and is a recognized expert in the field of Digital Marketing, E-commerce, and the Amazon marketplace. His objective is to build high-performing and quality-driven global businesses with a strong growth culture that allows him to attract and develop the best people and talent. Robin’s experience in entrepreneurship, business internationalization, and digital marketing has opened opportunities for him to act as an active Venture Partner, Angel Investor, Advisor, and Board member in several high-growth businesses. He contributes substantial value to companies set to grow through international market expansion, more effective marketing, and better leveraging digital commercial channels.

[00:01 – 08:33] Build The Company That You Want to Be Working In

  • What Robin did prior to getting into the eCommerce/aggregator space
    • His experience starting a digital marketing agency
    • How he learned how to build, grow and buy businesses
      • Selling his business to WPP
  • Make sure that you don’t buy businesses that are unfriendly

[08:34 – 19:52] What’s Important To A Business

  • Why the financial and environmental points of view are key
  • Areas people should look at after taking over the brand and starting to improve
    • The environmental eCommerce playbook
    • We should be better operators than normally
  •  The quickest place where a seller could start improving
    • Packaging and logistics 
      • Be environmental friendly
  • How to make sure you have sustainable operations

[19:53 – 31:24] Positioning Your Brand Post-Acquisition

  • Where you could improve on the brand positioning or the marketing
    • The marketing and branding aspects
      • Great value add
  • The major growth or expansion of the brand post-acquisition 
    • Building expansion models: Geographical expansion
    • Bringing brands to new marketplaces
  • Questions sellers should ask a potential buyer
  • What Robin puts in place to build a culture of excellence in his team
    • Communicating the values of the business

[31:25 – 33:26] Closing Segment

  • Robin on the four rapid-fire questions
  • Book a strategy session, drop your questions and comments on https://letstalkexits.com  

Key Quotes: 

“If the business grows bigger than yourself, then you’ve succeeded.” –  Robin Bade

“ Environmental friendly is not the opposite of being profitable” – Robin Bade

“We believe in doing what’s right and doing as much as necessary. ” – Robin Bade

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