Marketing and Optimization for Amazon Sellers with Danny McMillan

Do you know how to set your e-commerce or Amazon brand up and maximize your results?

In this episode, Danny McMillan shares his insights about where the Amazon marketplace is heading to and why sellers should test different pricing strategies and be mindful of their total cost to sales. He also discusses the concept of PPC and how to make sure you’re making money and dividing your launch stages. Danny stresses why you should make sure to have a proper ratio between PPC and organic sales as you’re managing your products. He digs into the current state of aggregators, why they pause, and what’s next. Listen and enjoy!

Danny is the host of Seller Sessions, the largest podcast for advanced Amazon sellers. World-renowned public speaker Danny is also the co-founder of DATAbrill. Working alongside respected algorithm expert Dr. Ellis Whitehead, DATAbrill manages PPC and advertising automation for 7 and 8-figure Amazon brands. He also runs the annual conference Seller Sessions Live, Branded By Women, and SellerPoll; the annual awards for the Amazon FBA Community.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:09] The Sellers Sessions

• Danny shares his experience as a seller, speaker, and podcast host in the Amazon space.

• The concept of aggregators and how they’ve affected the community

• How to create a successful Amazon business

  • Why you should focus on data management, content creation, and networking

[07:10 – 20:35] How to Succeed on Amazon Marketplace

• If you want to be successful on Amazon, you need to be very sophisticated and targeted in your marketing

  • You need to focus on creating high-quality products that people will want to buy and price them affordably

• Why there are more barriers to entry now than ever before

• The sophistication of Amazon has increased, making it harder for new sellers

  • It is important to have a product development strategy and product expansion strategy

• Product differentiation is key to success on Amazon as is building a strong brand.

[20:36 – 34:05] There is Still Room for Growth

• The aggregated space has brought a lot of new sellers and entrepreneurs into the market

• The key to success in the aggregated space

  • Timing, market knowledge, and having a good product

• Aggregators are cleaning up their act to stay afloat and have s healthier business

  • Managing brands and maintaining customer relationships.

• Finding the “happy medium” between PPC and organic traffic is important to maximize profits.

[34:06 – 47:41] Wrapping Up!

• What’s the most important of product launches

• Make sure to attend events that are relevant to your business

• Danny on the four rapid questions

Key Quotes:

“Time is money and what you need is a snapshot of information and apply that to your business.” – Danny McMillan

“Your best learnings come through pain.” – Danny McMillan

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