3 Reasons Why Amazon Won’t Acquire Your Business with Carla Coll Valenti

This week on the show, Carla Coll Valenti joins us to talk about the negotiation and due diligence process for selling an Amazon or eCommerce brand. She breaks down the process into different timeframes, including 30 days, 90 days, and 3 years. Carla Coll Valenti is Senior Strategic Integration Manager at SellerX . Carla’s background is in consulting and law, having obtained Masters’ Degrees in both of these disciplines. Before joining SellerX, she spent four years at the Boston Consulting Group in her native Barcelona. There, she worked across different sectors to improve operations and profit margins for multiple global businesses and brands. Since she joined SellerX she has integrated over 10 businesses focusing on their growth and works on creating and improving current processes. Her passion lies in growing businesses, traveling in emerging markets and volunteering.

[00:02 – 04:32] How Carla Coll Valenti Helped Hundreds of Amazon and Ecommerce Brands Succeed

• Carla shares her story and insights on the negotiation process and due diligence process

  • Be in the know of what happens after a business is sold
  • A passion in growing businesses and finding enjoyment in traveling through markets

[04:33 – 15:10] How to Exit a Successful eCommerce Business in the Last Six Months

•The Ecommerce Market is Booming

• The main focus for sellers should be growing their business and increasing top-line and margin

• Seller X is looking to acquire companies that satisfy specific criteria, such as products that have been selling for three to five years and will continue to do so in the next three to five years.

• How to Sell a Business When It’s Not Picture Perfect

[15:11 – 19:42] How to Sell a Brand: Questions to Ask from the Buyer

• When selling a brand, it is important to have a multiple that applies to good margins and good growth and good revenues.

• The maximum of it doesn’t mean only an upfront. It’s also stability, payment or an earnest that you’ll get later on in time working with the company for some time after you actually sold it with us.

• When sellers are initiating this process, they should be asking questions about the buyer’s plans for the brand, their team and the money they will make.

[19:43 – 24:18] 3 Reasons Why Amazon Won’t Acquire Your Business

• Compliance is key when selling on Amazon

• Due diligence is important to ensure the product is compliant and the brand is growing

• Selling your business can be a stressful decision, but don’t worry, you’re not alone.

[24:18 – 32:25] Sellers Listen to This Episode to Prepare for Post-Acquisition Integration

• Sellers should be fair when playing with Amazon to avoid suspensions.

• A goal after acquisition is to integrate the brand and get it up and running as soon as possible

• 90 Days to Grow Top Line: Making Sure Integration is Done Well

  • Focus on three main areas: integration, launchpad plan, and operations.
  • The priority for growth in the first 90 days is to make sure that the brand is performing well.

[32:26 – 37:35] Sellers Listening to Insider Information

• There are a variety of aggregators in the space, each with their own specialization.

• It is still possible for someone to enter the space and sell within 24 months.

• The author enjoys working with a team and seeing the businesses grow.

[43:05 – 45:14] How to Sell on Amazon and Ecommerce

• Carla on the four rapid-fire questions

• Book a strategy session, drop your questions and comments on https://letstalkexits.com  

Key Quotes:

“Be fair when you’re playing with Amazon. Okay. Be fair.” – Carla Coll Valenti

“Complexity differs a lot among geographic marketplace and product expansion.” – Carla Coll Valenti

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