What makes Amazon Ad Strategies Profitable with Brent Zahradnik

Do you know how to effectively and profitably advertise on Amazon marketplaces?

In this week’s episode, Brent Zahradnik delves into PPC strategies and what is the status of PPC in 2022. He breaks down the difference between how to look at new product launches versus ongoing maintaining products with PPC, and remarks on the importance of storefronts and brand build-out across the whole marketplace. Pay close attention to Brent’s answer about the opportunity for people who want to start their journey in selling on Amazon. Listen and enjoy!

Brent Zahradnik is the founder of AMZ Pathfinder. He started the company in the summer of 2015 and since then has worked with 100s of brands on the Amazon marketplace. Pathfinder manages millions of dollars in ad spend per month and is composed of nearly 30 advertising experts who speak 11 languages between them and work with the North American and European marketplaces. Brent lives in Southern France with his girlfriend, their cat, and entirely too many bicycles.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:08] The End of the Amazon Advertising Golden Era

• How Brent ended up in the eCommerce ecosystem

  • His experience with Google Ads
  • Growing an agency and working primarily with the American and European markets

• Brent discloses the state of PPC in 2022

  • The golden era of Amazon advertising is officially over

[07:09 – 27:49] How Much Should You Be Spending?

• The reason why Amazon advertising is no longer as effective as it once was

  • The average cost per click is high and profit margins are low

• If a business is doing well organically, it should be focusing less on PPC and more on other acquisition channels

• You need to keep up with new tricks and techniques to stay ahead of the competition

  • Make sure you have enough inventory for a successful launch

• How to increase your Amazon seller’s share of voice

[27:50 – 47:34] Amazon Advertising: What to Expect

• How to budget for a launch and determine what keywords to target

• Why social media platforms like TikTok and Pinterest have a great implication for Amazon sellers

• Brent shares how the company helps Amazon-related keywords rank in the Amazon ecosystem while making a little bit of money

  • Sending customers to Amazon storefronts rather than Google product detail pages

• How to create a culture that contributes across team members

  • Have core values that everyone understands and infuse them into everyday operations
  • Team meetings to keep everyone aligned and motivated

[47:35 – 51:36] Closing Segment

• Brent on the four rapid-fire questions

Key Quotes:

“Advertising has matured on Amazon. It’s not the golden era anymore, and essentially you need to have other complimentary services to make the impact of advertising greater than what it is.” – Brent Zahradnik

“Culture is what happens when the chips are down.” – Brent Zahradnik

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