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The Let’s Talk Exits Podcast hosted by Meny Hoffman is a show dedicated to the growth and success of Amazon and e-commerce brand-builders. You’ll learn all about how you can maximize the value of your business to achieve your ideal exit. We believe it’s never too early to start thinking about your exit.

You probably have a lot of questions about Amazon and the e-commerce space. You are not alone. In this podcast, you will get to know stories, practical tips, and strategies to help you launch your brand and turn your dreams into reality.

[00:01 – 02:35] Opening Segment

  • Welcome to the show!
    • Discussing your pressing questions with incredibly knowledgeable guests
      • Weekly posts ahead!
    • Educating and guiding the exit process

[01:49 – 05:34] Maximize Your Exit with the Right Tools and Strategies

  • Thought about exiting?
    • Providing invaluable tools to get on the radar
  • What are Amazon aggregators?
    • Consolidating small successful sellers into one parent company
  • Why do people choose to sell their businesses?
    • For many reasons – financial freedom, pursuit of another passion, lack of resources to sustain a growing business, or to start a new venture
      • It’s all about crafting a strategic exit.
    • Considering the timing, value and potential of your brand, and the best potential buyer

[04:50 – 06:38] Closing Segment

  • Be empowered and maximize your exit
  • Book a strategy session, drop your questions, and comments
  • Connect with us! (links below)

Key Quotes: 

“It’s never too early to start thinking about your exit. No matter how much you love, or have invested in your business. Think about the exit.” – Meny Hoffman 

“It’s important that you don’t go about it [exiting] on your own without knowing all the facts, because you want to make sure you’re maximizing the exit to its fullest potential.” – Meny Hoffman 

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