The Science Behind Where a Product Ranks on Amazon with Mark Casey

Are you an Amazon seller that is looking to improve your product listings and brand awareness?

In this episode, the CEO of House of AMZ discloses the best way to launch a product and what you should consider to build a brand that is successful in the marketplace. He stresses how to utilize your A+ content and storefront in order to get the most ranking for your listings. Mark offers great advice on how to keep people’s attention through great SEO and optimize your listing for better search engine rankings. Whether you are new to the game or an established seller, this episode is for you. Listen and enjoy!

Mark’s personal background is marketing and branding having brands of his own and along with his Amazon knowledge working under the 9-figure brand. Combining those together is how House of AMZ was born. Where Mark can help to optimize your products and brand not only for the outside world but mainly on Amazon which is its own ecosystem in itself. 

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 06:55] The Importance of Branding When Selling Amazon Products

• How Mark got involved in the Amazon space

  • His passion for marketing and branding
  • Learning the new ecosystem of Amazon

• The importance of building a brand vs building products

• Mark’s outlook on where the marketplace is going

[06:56 – 19:52] Branding Your Product to Stand Out

• How packaging can make a big difference

• It’s important to launch the product the right way

  • Having good graphics and a strong foundation

• You should have a conceptual development of the brand, as well as visual components

• Why outside traffic is the number one thing to focus on when launching products on Amazon

[19:53 – 32:37] How to Rank Higher on Amazon

• Why having a good SEO component in your product’s listing is crucial

  • It gives you more real estate space on the page
  • It increases the chances of selling your product

• How to rank higher on Amazon for your product

  • Focus on keywords that are relevant to your brand

• You need to focus on branding and creating a good reputation for your business before focusing on selling products

[32:38 – 35:04] Wrapping Up!

• Be aware of Amazon’s algorithm and make sure your branding is consistent across all channels

• Mark on the rapid four questions

Key Quotes:

“The algorithm is very important, but building a brand is what’s gonna help you in the long term and overall for your brand itself.” – Mark Casey

“If you’re starting at a very weak foundation, there are a lot more questions you’re gonna be having to ask yourself, and you’re just gonna be wasting more time.” – Mark Casey

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