The Key to Systemizing and Staffing Your eCommerce Business with Yoni Kozminski

Are you struggling to systemize and scale your eCommerce business?

In this episode, Yoni Kozminski digs into the importance of processes and systems in a business’s development and when it’s the right time to start preparing them. He explains why processes are a key element for every business, but specifically an e-commerce or Amazon business that you want to sell potentially. Pay close attention to Yoni’s insights about the aggregator space and how you could still take advantage if you’re building your business properly. Listen and enjoy!

Yoni has spent a decade in digital marketing & creative advertising globally including places like Australia (origin), Los Angeles, and Tel Aviv developing digital strategies for the likes of Mercedez- Benz, Mastercard, Sony, Medtronic, and many 8-figure eCommerce brands. In 2018 Yoni expanded an eCommerce/Amazon business from $2 million to $5 million in 12 months that was sold in 2019. A key driver was the ability to build a fluid process, as well as a team of incredibly talented individuals in the Philippines. Since January 2020, MultiplyMii & Escala have grown from a team of 4 to over 300+ people on payroll supporting more than 100+ businesses that are responsible for more than 750M+ in annual revenue.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:16] Building an Amazon or E-Commerce Business

• Yoni shares his background in digital marketing and the eCommerce space

  • How he has helped hundreds of brands flourish
  • Why his experience with Amazon and eCommerce brands has been key to his success.

• How Yoni expanded an eCommerce Amazon business from 2 million to 5 million in 12 months

  • The ability to build a flow process as well as a team of incredibly talented individuals

[07:17 – 27:57] How to Systemize and Scale a Business

• How to build a process that makes sense for your business

• The importance of documenting the process of running a business

  • It helps to ensure that everyone involved is clear on what needs to be done

• Why systems and processes in a business are a key element

  • They help to protect the business from competitors and ensure that products are of high quality

• It is essential to have a healthy mix of both systems and people to create a successful business

[27:58 – 40:37] Amazon’s Aggregators Are Pausing Or Not Buying

• Yoni’s outlook on how Apple has a very focused goal of creating the best products and experience

• Why Amazon’s aggregated space has seen a rush of activity in the past few years

• Yoni introduces South Cal and how they can help you grow your business and exit

  • It provides capital, guidance, and resources on your climb to the summit

• The key criteria that South Cal is looking for

  • 2-3 million revenue business
  • The business needs to show a year-on-year growth

[40:38 – 42:56] Wrapping Up!

• Yoni on the four rapid questions

• Check out Successful Scales

Key Quotes:

“The most valuable thing you can do is both build that audience and then continue to launch new products that appeal to the brand that you’re trying to create.” – Yoni Kozminski

“Documenting the process really helps bring clarity to everyone involved in the business.” – Yoni Kozminski

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