The Key to Differentiating Your Brand with Hamza Ramzan

Some brands can grow immediately after post-acquisition within one or two months and some can take longer depending on how complex the brand is. However, what determines the success of a product is to identify and work on the specific growth levers that enable sellers to gain authority in their industry.

This week, our guest is Hamza Ramzan, the Co-Founder, and VPO at D1 Brands. He breaks down relevant tips on how sellers can maximize the value of their business as they come close to a sale. He also shares his insights in regards to the current status of the Amazon marketplace for new sellers and discloses how he has built a culture within D1 that is healthy and scalable.

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Hamza is the Co-founder and VP of Operations at D1 Brands where he’s primarily focused on overseeing the performance and growth of the company’s top Amazon-native brands. Prior to joining D1, Hamza had successfully launched and run several profitable brands on Amazon across multiple product categories with revenues run-rating $100M+. Hamza holds a degree in Business Marketing from New York University.

[00:01 – 07:19] Sell Yourself on Amazon

  •  Hamza’s experience before being the co-founder of D1
    • Doing the Amazon selling machine course
    • Looking for strategies to be differentiated in the Amazon space
      • Acquiring his first brand in 2020
  • Hamza’s leadership role in the D1 success
    • Focusing on brand maintenance and growth post-acquisition

[07:30 – 17:07] Growing Brands to The Next Level

  • Hamza’s non-negotiable for a brand
    • Maintaining inventory, data-driven decisions, and product quality
  • How sellers can know if they should keep optimizing a listing
  • Hamza’s standpoint of growing businesses beyond Amazon
    •  There are a bunch of other marketplaces out there
      • E.g. Walmart
  • The aggregators’ perspective of growing a brand that is going down
    • What can be done to improve the margin

[17:08 – 25:16] How to Build a Harmonious Operation

  • How to build a culture that is scalable and healthy
    • Teams are single direct management
    • Being customer-obsessed and having over communication
  • Practical tips Hamza uses to inspect what sellers expect
    • Having a monthly performance review
  • The role of SOPs within D1 
    • SOPs range from fundamental techniques to details of what sellers were doing before
  • Hamza shares his insights about eCommerce 

[25:17 – 26:57] Closing Segment

  • Hamza on the four rapid-fire questions
  • Book a strategy session, drop your questions and comments on https://letstalkexits.com  

Key Quotes: 

“You ideally want to plant your seeds early on. So your brand and your products grow in the future. The earlier you plant the tree, the more it’s gonna grow in the future.” –  Hamza Ramzan

“One man’s trash, may be another man’s goals” – Hamza Ramzan

“There is still room to grow, there’s still room to launch. You really have to come to the market with a  truly differentiated product now.” – Hamza Ramzan

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