The Fast Track to Becoming a Top Seller on Amazon with Scott Needham

Still trying to figure out the best tool to understand the marketplace and find out opportunities for wholesale and private level?

In this episode, the founder and Ceo of SmartScout, Scott Needham shares his outlook on the importance of branding and creating a larger presence for your products within the Amazon ecosystem. He delves into the SmartScout tool, and why he decided to build the software the way he built it. Scott also breaks down why the way the information is laid on SmartScout is the right way to look at how to expand your brand in the long-term and short term. If you love technology and data, this episode is for you. Listen and enjoy!

Scott is the Founder of SmartScout and BuyBoxer. He is the host of the Smartest Amazon Seller Podcast and an Amazon seller for 10 years who has scaled wholesale and private labels. Scott has accumulated a deep knowledge about selling products online, and his company BuyBoxer has done over $300m in sales.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 08:16] The Importance of Branding and Building a Large E-Commerce Business

• Scott’s experience building and selling Amazon brands

  • The founder and CEO of SmartScout
  • His experience as a wholesale and private label Amazon seller

• What SmartScout does and how it works

  • A software tool designed to help Amazon sellers identify and analyze potential brands for sale

• Why it is important to brand and build a larger brand for Amazon sellers

[08:17 – 16:05] The Most Useful Tool for Amazon Sellers

• How the tools in the SmartScout suite can be used to research products and brands

  • Optimizing products for FBA

• The main benefits sellers can have by using SmartScout tools

  • It can help you stay within your zone and focus on what is important
  • It helps you to do a deep dive on your competitors
  • Understand how your competitors built their business and find areas where you can improve

[16:06 – 24:10] How to Successfully Sell on Amazon

• It is important for sellers to be using tools regularly

• What you should do if you’re the sole entrepreneur behind your product

  • Check Amazon fees and see if there is anything you can do to improve sales

• Sellers should always be keeping an eye on their data

  • Amazon has started introducing new reports such as search term query analytics

[24:11 – 32:02] The Tool That Can Change Your Life

• Scott shares his insights about Walmart

• Why diversification may not be the best use of time

  • Seller’s focus should be on channels with high ROI and OT returns

• One of the strategies sellers have used to succeed with Walmart

• SmartScout can be used to identify trends in a channel and find opportunities to sell to customers

[32:03 – 33:30] Closing Segment

• Scott’s Tips for Becoming an Amazon and E-Commerce Expert

• Scott on the four rapid-fire questions

• Book a strategy session, drop your questions and comments on https://letstalkexits.com

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Key Quotes:

“Implementing technology should be a concerted effort on its own.” – Scott Needham

“The more Amazon gives out the more, we can build tools and actually have an improved accuracy.” – Scott Needham

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