Ride the Amazon Wave with Tomer Rabinovich

What steps are you taking to sell on Amazon and leverage what you’ve created? If you want to sell the most, you have to be the best.

In this episode, Tomer Rabinovich discloses his journey as an eCommerce entrepreneur and stresses where the Amazon space is going. He discusses how product development is not what it used to be, and how you should go about product development these days. Tomer shares his insights about the ecosystem of the aggregator space and why you should attend events in the Amazon community. Listen and enjoy!

Tomer Rabinovich is an Amazon seller who has created and launched multiple private-label brands. His first product went live in March 2015, and he became a seven-figure seller within his first year. A sought-after speaker, Tomer addressed thousands of people around the world. His audiences range from intimate mastermind groups to national and global conventions. Though he’s still an active online seller, Tomer’s real passion is helping other sellers and online retailers scale their businesses. He’s grateful for the life-changing opportunities he’s earned as an Amazon seller and enjoys nothing more than seeing other people fulfill their dreams by following a similar path.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:26] The Pro Seller’s Guide

• Tomer shares how he got into the Amazon and e-Commerce space

  • Helping Amazon sellers transform their businesses and lives
  • Extending the opportunity of selling to anyone willing to do the work and make the dreams come true

• Tomer’s insights about where Amazon and e-Commerce are going

• Check out Ride the Amazon Wave

[07:27 – 21:45] How to Develop Products That Sell Like Crazy

• The key to success is differentiation and barriers of entry in sourcing parts of the product development process

  • Starting with products that are very cheap or very expensive, and then going for more difficult or niche products

• Why branding should be built into products as they are launched

  • A brand needs both high-margin products and low-cost products to generate traffic and sales

• How cash flow is a major challenge for new and existing Amazon sellers

• Strategies to launch products for existing brands without spending a lot of money

[21:46- 35:55] How to Survive When Amazon Aggregators Fail

• Why sellers should consider selling and staying on board

  • Keeping sales and learning from the brand

• To be successful as an aggregator, you need to focus on acquiring potential rather than becoming a best seller on Amazon

• You should launch products to increase your net growth (profit) rather than focus on revenue growth

  • The benefits of having multiple products in your portfolio that are doing well
  • You need to launch multiple products that are different but targeted at the same people

[35:56 – 44:57] Wrapping Up!

• Vital steps for reaching the next level

• Tomer on the rapid-four questions

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Key Quotes:

“When you are acquiring a business, you’re actually acquiring potential.” – Tomer Rabinovich

“The growth is the profit. It’s not the revenue.” – Tomer Rabinovich

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