Improving the Overall Operations of Amazon FBA Sellers with Eytan Wiener

What do you need to focus on to still be successful on Amazon?

In this episode, Eytan Wiener explores his successful business model of bundling products and selling them on Amazon to help achieve maximum value for the eventual sale of his company. He discusses the importance of having a passion for one’s business and its industry, investing time and money into making quality products, and diversifying across channels to create a more sustainable and valuable business model. Eytan talks about the significance of delegation and objective decision-making for entrepreneurs to be successful. Tune into this episode full of insight from one of the leading voices in the eCommerce space today!

Eytan Wiener was the Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Quantum Networks, and the co-founded the Prosper Show. For more than a decade, Mr. Wiener has created an industry-wide awareness of the discrepancies that occur during the lifecycle of inventory sent by sellers to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Wiener utilized GETIDA and discovered that they made the deepest impact in maximizing financial recovery for his company. GETIDA’s solution significantly affected his company’s bottom-line profit, thereby increasing the total value of the sale price, and contributing to Wiener’s successful exit.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 13:02] Maximizing Your Business Value for the Ideal Exit

• Eyran shares his background and work

  • The co-founder of Quantum Networks and the Prosper Show

• The early days of Amazon and how to be successful on Amazon

• Why you should bundle products and offer exclusivity on Amazon

[13:03 – 26:02] The Key to Success in the Amazon Ecosystem

• You need to invest time, money, and effort into making something better

  • Make sure all the pillars of a successful business are mastered

• Developing a passion for the industry is important for success

  • Leaders behind a brand are key to reaching its full potential

• Omnichannel is important for diversification and sustainability

[26:03 – 38:50] Tips on Delegation and Growing a Business Through Objective Decision-Making

• Entrepreneurs should make decisions objectively to maximize resources and achieve desired outcomes

  • CEOs should focus on high-level planning and delegate tasks to those more knowledgeable in the area

• The benefits of attending live events

  • Networking at live events is important to learn from others and build relationships

• Finding the right people and getting everyone to get along is key to successful companies

[38:51 – 50:54] Wrapping Up

• Stay up to date on the latest changes

• Eytan on the rapid-four questions

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Key Quotes:

“You could make a product and sell it, you need to have good content, you need to have good photos, but it’s not as difficult as in the olden days.” – Eytan Wiener

“You could be in a business that you have zero passion, but you’re never going to reach your full potential if you don’t develop a passion.” – Eytan Wiener

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