How to Maximize the Value of Your Company in a Business Sale with Chris Shipferling

Do you want to maximize the value and potential of your brand, but you don’t know how?

In this episode, Chris Shipferling discusses what’s happening in the market right now with the aggregated space and how the investment banking space is looking at brands. He delves into what makes a great brand and provides great advice on what you should focus on if you’re starting to build a brand and looking to sell it down the road. Listen and enjoy!

Chris Shipferling is a Managing Partner at Global Wired Advisors, a leading Digital Investment Bank that specializes in the optimization of the business sale process. Before working at Global Wired Advisors, Chris was the Owner of Robert & Pearl, the Executive General Manager for North & South America at Jané Group, and the Senior Director of Sales at Evenflo. Through his work at Global Wired Advisors, Chris offers expert advice to Amazon and e-commerce entrepreneurs searching to maximize their potential before, during, and after their big exit.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:29] How to Maximize the Value of Your Amazon or E-Commerce Brand

• How Chris got into the eCommerce space

  • His experience in branding and marketing and product innovation
  • Working as managing partner at Global Wired Advisors
  • The optimization of the business sales process

• How to maximize the potential of your business before, during, and after the big exit

[07:30 – 21:55] The Trending E-Commerce Growth

• The reasons why financial institutions invested in FBA businesses, and how this trend continues today

  • Why debt coming into FBA businesses made it easier for people to invest

• The market for Amazon businesses has been disrupted with multiples depressed and it taking longer to sell

• Why the eCommerce market is becoming more selective

  • Fewer buyers are available and those that are buying are seeking stronger brands and products

[21:56 – 36:18] How to Sell Your eCommerce Business

• Sellers need to understand their CPG brand and what that really means

  • Developing a product within a category that differentiates oneself from competitors is key

•The importance of branding, marketing, and diversification for Amazon sellers

• Sellers need to think about their company from a product perspective and divorce themselves from profit margins

  • Sellers should focus on where they are selling their product, and innovate to keep the brand strong

[36:19 – 43:03] Wrapping Up!

• You need to have a strong brand, good product, and a well-developed financial plan

• Chris on the four rapid questions

Key Quotes:

“Good assets always sell no matter the market conditions unless we’re in a great depression.” – Chris Shipferling

“You cannot see the potential out of a product’s profit. you just can’t do it, you gotta have a brand.” – Chris Shipferling

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