How to Expand Your FBA Business Internationally with Rael Lowenthal

Are you seeking to expand your Amazon business into global markets?

Are you seeking to expand your Amazon business into global markets? In this episode, Rael Lowenthal, the Director of Business Development at Zee, delves into marketplace expansion to other countries, and how Zee makes it easy for actual sellers to expand their eCommerce business to have a great return on investment and return on time. He also breaks down how to do proper research and understand if your product is successful in the existing marketplace and if there is a demand on other ones. Rael discloses where Amazon is going and why it’s important for sellers to focus on expansion if they want to maximize the value of their business. Listen and enjoy!

Rael Lowenthal is a Chartered Accountant and former investment banker. He is the Director of Business Development at Zee, mainly responsible for new client acquisitions and existing client relationship management. Aside from assisting e-commerce businesses to expand their global reach, he is passionate about African wildlife conservation, financial systems powered by blockchain technology, and reading. Zee offers a complete door-to-door import solution into Amazon warehouses, including IOR, logistics, and compliance. Use Zee to outsource the hard grind of getting your goods into new countries. 

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:29] Solutions for Amazon Sellers Seeking to Expand Globally

• Rael shares his experience with eCommerce and how he ended up on Zee

  • Zee makes it easy for sellers to expand their businesses globally
  • His passion for African wildlife financial systems

• Why sellers should think about expanding their businesses into other countries

[07:30 – 21:16] Importing your Amazon Products into New Markets

• Zee’s core services

  • Product compliance services
  • An importer of record service
  • Logistic solution

• How Zee facilitates the imports

  • Having offices in all of the major eCommerce marketplaces

• Why sellers should start with minimum quantity in multiple markets

• Simplify the importing process for our clients

[21:17 – 34:34] How to Maximize Your Margins on Amazon

• Why Rael recommends sellers to use SmartScout

• You need to do product research and understand the demand for a specific product before choosing a marketplace

• Why sellers should sell globally

• The benefits of selling internationally for sellers

  • Increasing sales and diversifying risk
  • Transferring reviews and rankings to other markets

[34:35 – 37:40] Closing Segment

• Zee’s offer for the Let’s Exits Podcast listeners

• Rael on the four rapid-fire questions

Key Quotes:

“The offering that we bring to the market is to enable the global expansion of any eCommerce business.” – Rael Lowenthal

“If you have the right partner who knows what those hurdles are and how to get around them, it can save you a lot of time.” – Rael Lowenthal

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