How to Determine the Next Hottest Product on Amazon with Tim Jordan

Offering the top-selling product is the position all sellers in the Amazon space envy, but what does it take to get there? Tim Jordan discusses how to be a step ahead and stack the dominoes to success in the e-Commerce space.

How is it possible to figure out the next top-selling product on Amazon? With the presence of tools and software at our fingertips, it seems doable, but this week’s guest, Tim Jordan, tells us that those are not precisely the key ingredients to launching success. In our interview, he emphasizes the need to do your own broad research before diving into product development. He warns us of the dangers of trendy products that would someday only gather dust in your warehouse. He explains how the barriers to entry to Amazon become an advantage and that we should trust the system. Trust yourself in looking for opportunities in the space and use the tools available to validate and build confidence in your decisions.

Tim Jordan is a serial entrepreneur and e-commerce expert, having developed multiple online brands as well as helping hundreds of other sellers through training and coaching. He is also the host of many popular content series, such as the AM/PM podcast. Tim also works as an Executive Strategist for many service-based companies in the e-commerce industry. Tim has built, launched, and created multiple brands across multiple platforms and had large collaborations in E-com education.

Listen and enjoy!

[00:01 – 07:44] Opening Segment

  • Tim Jordan on getting involved in real estate
    • Comparing wholesale price for government bidding to online shops got him thinking
    • Opening a shipping and sourcing company targets the biggest problem of the private label space
    • Producing content even after the exit and becoming an executive advisor

[07:45 – 26:53] Winning Strategies for Finding Opportunities and Product Development

  • What is your strategy in product development?
    • The dangers of not having the right keywords
      • Find keyword opportunities then transition into development.
    • Utlizing tools and software for analysis and confidence
      • Validate the search volume for keywords.
  • How do you approach launching a hot product?
    • Depending on the product – there is no one correct answer
    • Figuring out how many products to launch with little effort
      • Go wide, not deep.
  • What’s your take on letting that product go?
    • Asking yourself if it’s worth the time
    • Combating shiny object syndrome by avoiding useless products

[26:54 – 35:00] Why the Best Time to be Entrepreneurs is Today

  • What is your advice for people still entering the space?
    • Why the risk is worth the reward
    • Stacking dominoes to reach your Amazon goal
      • Have faith in the system.
    • How the best time to be entrepreneurs is now
  • Tim Jordan on being a host of a big podcast
    • Opportunities to build a network of noteworthy people
    • Making an impact even on another side of the world

[35:01 – 39:35] Closing Segment

  • Tim on the four rapid-fire questions

Key Quotes: 

“When we think about Amazon, specifically, we have to understand that we do not sell products, we sell keywords. So even if I have the greatest product in the world, if there’s no keyword demand for it, or there’s too much keyword competition, it won’t sell.” – Tim Jordan

“There’s no simple button to push. And if you’re just pushing a button to find the great product opportunity, you’re pushing the same button as everybody else, and you’re gonna fail at it.” – Tim Jordan

“The software is giving the evidence and not dictating decision.” – Tim Jordan

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