How the Best Are Winning on Amazon with Troy Johnston

Are you taking advantage of the most innovative resources available to Amazon sellers?

In this episode, the co-founder of Seller.Tools, Troy Johnston talks about his first exit and how he came up with the idea of creating seller.tools. He also touches on how you can find a strategic buyer and what other sellers look at when they’re looking to exit. Troy delves into the whole concept of tools for Amazon sellers, how to use them, how to not use them, and what to look out for when you see tools. Pay close attention to Troy’s answer about the number one mistake sellers do when they’re looking at tools for Amazon. Listen and enjoy!

Troy Johnston is the Co-Founder of Seller.Tools and M&A Advisor at Carbon6. He brings a wealth of on-channel Amazon and e-commerce knowledge as a 7-figure Amazon earner with 2 successful exits. Today Troy focuses on leading strategic M&A in the Amazon SaaS space with the disruptive SaaS aggregator Carbon6. 

[00:01 – 07:43] Amazon and E-Commerce Brand Builders

• Troy’s experience being the co-founder of seller.tools and M&A Advisor at Carbon6

  • How he brings a wealth of Amazon and e-commerce knowledge as a seven-figure Amazon seller
  • His exit and how he found his strategic buyer
  • Why a seller’s exit strategy shines through in strategic buyer search

• Why it is a good time to go to market and entertain the acquisition of a brand

[07:44 – 25:41] The Software Is An Investment Sellers Should Be Willing to Make

• SAS tools help Amazon sellers stay ahead of the competition

  • SAS has been constantly evolving to address the challenges of sellers in the Amazon ecosystem
  • API integration is key for SAS because it allows sellers to access Amazon’s vast data set

• What makes it difficult for tools to provide reliable insights

  • There is a lot of uncertainty and volatility when it comes to Amazon data

• Software becomes obsolete quickly in the Amazon ecosystem, so SAS should be careful when adding new features or automation

[25:42 – 43:39] How to Automate Your Amazon Seller Tools to Maximize Results

• The reason why sellers should use automation

  • It keeps key areas of their business running smoothly, while also focusing on ranking in Amazon reviews
  • Automations can help sellers take care of important data points without having to spend time manually checking them

• The challenge for brands is that Amazon is releasing so much first-party data that it can be difficult to make informed decisions with it.

• Sellers should focus on fewer reports and take action on the most important ones

[43:40 – 49:05] Closing Segment

• Troy on the four rapid-fire questions

• Book a strategy session, drop your questions and comments on https://letstalkexits.com 

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Key Quotes:

“If you can add in those automations and add some predictability to your business, that is an investment you should be willing to make.” – Troy Johnston

“If I can quantify what type of costs, human error, human delays, any of those elements that I can mitigate through software, I’ll take that software investment any day of the week.” – Troy Johnston

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