Helping People Launch, Scale & Exit for 7+ Figures with Jon Elder

Is there still opportunity to build and launch a brand on Amazon?

In this episode, Jon Elder shares how he was able to build five brands and exit them successfully. He navigates into what has changed in the Amazon space, the importance of product development, and how to really be authentic on social media. Jon’s advice for new Amazon sellers is to avoid making the same mistakes that he did, learn as much as possible about the market and product, and use that information to pivot into a thriving business. Listen and enjoy!

Jon currently runs Black Label Advisor, an Amazon consultancy focused solely on helping sellers and brand owners expand their reach on the platform and grow their businesses. Clients come to Jon from all over the world for advice ranging from listing audits to solving logistical issues. If your business needs an extra set of eyes on your business, Black Label Advisor delivers. 

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:11] Jon Elder’s Shares Story on Amazon and E-Commerce

• Jon’s background and what led to him launching his first Amazon brand

  • His five successful Amazon brands
  • How he became involved in the space, his successes and failures in product launches

• Focus on product research, product development, and avoiding failures

[07:12 – 21:38] What You Need to Succeed on Amazon in a Different Era

• The main places where things have changed for Amazon sellers

  • The quality of media assets, the need for professional studios, and real models

• Talk about how the brand started and give something for people to buy into

• Sellers are going deeper in terms of what they’re innovating

  • Make it an incredible experience for the consumer

[21:39 – 36:21] How to Launch a Product on Amazon for Maximum Success

• What sellers should aim for when launching a new product

  • Being cheaper than the competition, ramp up sales quickly and use their email list to promote the launch

• Launch products with a long-term outlook and a target price that is fair to both the product and the seller

• How to determine if a product is successful

  • Look at units sold and whether or not the product is slowly chipping away at the pie in terms of revenue

[36:22 – 47:59] Wrapping Up!

• How to master social media for building more connections and relationships

• Why diversification is important for success

• Jon on the rapid-fire questions

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Key Quotes:

“If you educate yourself and you do the proper research, your rate of success on Amazon is going to be extremely high.” – Jon Elder

“Go into micro-niches, find the next Nike product, and think bigger than Amazon.” – Jon Elder

“Being genuine with your thoughts and your beliefs is just crucial for building out social media.” – Jon Elder

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