Building a Standout Brand in the Saturated e-Commerce Space with Alex Kopco

Getting into e-commerce with the aims of earning money is common and faultless, but to become an A+ brand, we have to be more than simply money-driven. Alex Kopco explains what it takes to build a standout brand in the sea of sameness in the marketplace.

With the many online stores out there in the Amazon space, is it possible to be that A+ brand? Having the right technology and partnerships are significant factors, but our guest adds in another element – passion. For today’s interview, we have our guest, Alex Kopco, the co-founder and COO of Forum Brands. He explains that the way to unlock a brand’s full potential is by going back to the “why” and that everything comes back to the belief in the brand itself. Although it is a common goal to earn money when getting into the e-commerce space, the results and growth won’t be exponential without passion – and it shows with the way we do our business.

Alex Kopco is the co-founder and COO of Forum Brands. Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for cultivating an amazing customer experience began in his childhood leading tours of his hometown in South Dakota.  He has since worked throughout his entire professional career in retail and e-Commerce, working at both Target and Amazon.  His expertise spans retail buying, supply chain management, cost & inventory planning, negotiations, pricing, promotion planning, and retail P&L management.  Alex is on a mission to empower e-Commerce business owners by providing them with opportunities to help their brands reach infinite growth with technology and strategic brand management.

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[00:01 – 09:26] Keeping the Customer’s Perspective at the Forefront

  • Alex Kopco on falling into the path of retail
    • Watching Amazon grow from a sleeping giant into world domination
    • Learning the inner works and working dynamics by working directly in Amazon
    • Building an iconic brand that resonates with customers
      • Consider how the customer interacts with products and brands.
  • Starting Forum Brands
    • Conveying a sense of togetherness from varying walks of life

[09:27 – 22:39] The Significance of Passion When Building an A+ Brand

  • How do you juggle a day as a COO?
    • Blending roles and allowing autonomy and trust in the team
    • Starting with the “why” to unlock the full potential
      • Our passion shines through the way we handle the business.
  • What are your thoughts on the selection of categories?
    • Why you should stay away from consumables and potentially hazardous materials
    • Focusing product innovation on what consumers already love
  • How much focus are you putting on technology?
    • Operating the business more efficiently
    • Comes back to belief in the brand itself
      • The key is to strive to be that A+ brand.

[22:40 – 39:10] Realizing the Value of Starting Your Amazon Journey

  • Alex Kopco’s outlook on e-commerce
    • Becoming into convenience and a facet of people’s everyday lives
      • Physical stores may not necessarily disappear.
  • Is there still room for sellers to initiate a journey in Amazon?
    • Suppliers on recognizing building the business without middlemen
    • Standing out in the sea of sameness
  • Where should be the focus in order to maximize the value of the business?
    • Becoming as seller-friendly as possible
    • Boils down to trust and recognizing red flags
      • Establish transparency for confidence.

[39:11 – 41:17] Closing Segment

  • Alex on the four rapid-fire questions

Key Quotes: 

“You may achieve an outcome that you feel comfortable with, but the opportunity to create lasting value is I believe, always going to be kind of short-shrifted if you aren’t passionate about what it is that you’re doing.” – Alex Kopco

“If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, customers are going to know that and they’re not going to believe in you either.” – Alex Kopco

“Challenge drives innovation.” – Alex Kopco

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