Achieving Category Dominance on Amazon with Isaac Gross

Do you know how to achieve category dominance on Amazon through premium SEO and PPC marketing?

In this episode, Isaac Gross provides you with great advice on how to understand TACoS and ACoS, and product launches. He stresses the importance of having a long-term strategy when doing PPC, and why it is a key element for success. Isaac digs into the state of PPC in general and more importantly if Amazon is still a viable option for somebody to enter and make a lot of money. Listen and enjoy!

As a long-time Amazon seller, Isaac made it his mission to help others with their PPC. His deep understanding of the Amazon algorithm undoubtedly gives our clients an unfair advantage. Isaac is the Founder and CEO of IG PPC, a hands-on Amazon PPC agency for 7-9 figure brands that manages over $2B in annual sales on Amazon.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:25] Achieving Category Dominance 

• How Isaac got started in Amazon selling, how he evolved his business

  • Issac’s journey building IG PPC

•How to maximize the value of your Amazon or e-commerce business

  • Isaac shares great tips on PPC spending, product launches, and branding

[07:26 – 28:28] PPC is a Big Part of the Business

• PPC is a long-term investment, and it’s important to have a vision for long-term growth

  • Why it’s important to have somebody who is US based

• Make sure to stay up-to-date on new products and strategies, so you can continue to grow your business

• The difference between TACoS and ACoS and how they function

• Every new feature that Amazon rolls out impacts the PPC strategy

  • Sellers must have a goal for what they want their PPC to achieve

[28:29 – 49:18] How to Launch a Product That Will Succeed

• Why the price is one of the most important factors to consider when launching a product

• The main thing to remember when launching a product is to give a good price and then go aggressive on PPC

  • If the product does not convert well, it is a failed launch

• Isaac’s insights about influencer marketing – pros & cons

• How to figure out why your sales are dropping

  • You should look at things like pricing, negative reviews, and competitor activity

[49:19 – 56:28] Wrapping Up!

• If somebody has the experience and knowledge, they can be a successful business on Amazon

• Isaac on the rapid-fire questions

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Key Quotes:

“The ultimate goal is to make money, not sales.” – Isaac Gross

“If you don’t expect anything to change, then the conversion rate will never get better.” – Isaac Gross

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